Amazing Race La Broquerie - 2017 - À la découverte de La Brise


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Family Oriented Historical Scavenger Hunt!
Download the info sheet and clues and you're on your way to search and play.  Go by foot, pedal your bike or jump in your car.  This activity will please those near and afar!

Send the images of you/your team taken with at least seven (7) of the fifteen (15) "Amazing Race La Broquerie" sites to one of the following to share your adventure:
Facebook: @sdclabcdc Instagram: #sdclabcdc
Thank you to our sponsors!
Pharmacie Centre de Santé La Broquerie
La Broquerie Co-op
Le Dépanneur
La Vérendrye Golf
Metalmaster Auto body
La Broquerie Habs Bar & Restaurant
Rona La Broquerie Lumber
Le Bon Ami
Pizza de Luiza